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Health Functional Food

건강기능식품 원료
Product Type Assay Feature Origin
Vitamin B
Complex Yeast
YEAST 8 different Vitamin B Complex Yeast extract having Vitamin B complex :
B1, B2, B3, B5, B6. B7, B9, B12
Quatrefolic Monograph 100% of (6S)-5MHTF, glucosamin salt Active form of Folate Italy
Milkthistle ext Monograph Total Silymarin 600 mg/g For liver health Italy
Bilberry ext
Monograph Anthocyanosides 330 mg/g For eye health Italy
Ginkgo Biloba ext Monograph Flavonol glycoside 240 mg/g To improve the memory ability and blood flow France
Ubiqsome® Monograph CoQ10 180~220 mg/g High antioxidant Italy
Sawpalmetto ext
Monograph Lauric acid 240 mg/g For prostate health Italy
Artichoke ext
Individual HFF Chlorogenic acid 1.2% To help the lipid digestion by improving biliation Italy
Rhodiola ext Monograph Total Rosavins 3.0% Help to reduce the stress Italy
Monograph 25% of EPA & DHA Omega-3 Oil good for developing the liquid type product Spain
Pronulife® Monograph B. anmimalis ssp. Lactis CP-9
L. paracasei ET-66
L. salivarius AP-32
Good for improving the mouth health/td> Taiwan
Monograph L. reuteri TE-33
L. rhamnosus CT-53
L. rhamnosus F-1
L. salivarius AP-32
Improve the Vaginal Health Taiwan
Monograph B. anmimalis ssp. Lactis CP-1
L. rhamnosus bv-77
Help to reduce the body fat Taiwan
Monograph L. platarum LPL28
L. rhamnosus F-1
L. salivarius AP-32
Reduce the Helicobacter pylori in stomach Taiwan
Monograph B. anmimalis ssp. Lactis BB-115
B. longum ssp. Infantis GB-1496
L. rhamnosus MP-108
Prevent and Relieve the Rotavirus symtom Taiwan
Monograph L. paracasei GL-156
L. reuteri GL-104
L. rhamnosus MP-108
Prevent and Relieve the allergic rhinitis Taiwan
Hereditum® Monograph L. fermetum Lc 40 Prevent the mastitis and improve the bowl health for infants. Spain

General Food Ingredient

일반식품 원료
Product Type Feature Origin
Bovine Collagen
General Food Bovine Collagen good at water solubility and taste. Molecular weight 1,000~3,000 Da Germany
White Kidney Bean ext
General Food White Kidney Bean ext has the phaseolamin which helps to cut the digestion of Carbohydrates. USA
Prodigest™ Herb ext Patented her ext improving the digestion Italy
Yeast S.cerevisiaeext to improve the immunity. 23% of Beta glucan and 18% of Mannas France
Biootic® Yeast Improve bowl health Switzerland
VitaMK-7® General Food Vitamin K2 2,500 ppm with maltodextrin, To improve bone health and cardiovascular health Italy
K2&Olive Oil Vitamin K2 4,500 ppm with european Olive oil, To improve bone health and cardiovascular health Italy
OMEGABLUE Oil 100% of Bilberry Seed Oil rich in essential fatty acid Italy
Lemonbalm ext Herb ext Melissa Officinalis L. ext, Rosemaric acids 10% Italy
Valeriana ext Herb ext Valeriana officinalis L. ext, Valerenic acids 0.8% Italy
CyanthOx™ Herb ext Sea Buckthorn Berry Powder which has 15% of Omega-7 China
CardiOmega™ Oil Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil which has 45% of Omega-7 China

Food Additives

Product Pack CAS No. Manufacture Origin
L-Arginin 25 KG 74-79-3 Biokyowa USA
L-glutamin 50 KG 56-85-9 Biokyowa USA
Methyl Hesperidin 5 KG 11013-97-1 ALPS Japan
Bromelain 10 KG 37189-34-7 Great food Thailand
Grape seed dext 20 KG 84929-27-1 INDENA France

Coating mix

Product Type Feature Origin
SheffCoat HPMC-P Complex Food
Entericp coating stable at pH 5.5 USA
SheffCoat TF Free of TiO2, HPMC based Coating mix including CaCO3 USA
SheffCoat NP Natural Pigment, HPMC based Coating mix USA
SheffCoat CG Coating mix having the HPMC and glycerol, Vegan certificate USA
SheffCoat Glide Special Coating mix to improve swallow USA
SheffCoat Enhance Special Coating mix having flavour. USA
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